ECHA and National Helpdesks responded to more than 50,000 queries in 2023

Last year, the National Helpdesks (NHDs) addressed nearly 45,000 inquiries, while the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Helpdesk handled over 9,210 questions, encompassing regulatory and IT tool-related queries.

The biocidal Product regulations (BPR) continues to be the regulation with the highest number of questions (19,165), as it has been since 2014, followed by REACH (9,690) and CLP (7,945).


The five most recurrent topics reported for each of the three regulations are shown below:

Recurrent Topics


The five most hot topics reported for each of the three regulations are shown below:

BPR Hot Topics


CLP Hot Topics


REACH Hot Topics


Overall Trends

The trend analysis indicates a continued decrease in the number of queries addressed to both the National Help Desks and ECHA following the peak in 2020. Notably, BPR remains the regulation generating the highest number of inquiries over the past eight years. Similarly, topics falling within the purview of national authorities, such as ‘National procedures and laws governing the transitional period’, ‘National fees’, and ‘National authorizations of biocidal products or families’, remained the most popular areas of inquiry, mirroring last year’s trends.

For ECHA, REACH continues to top the list of regulations triggering the highest number of queries, particularly in the realms of ‘Registration’ and ‘Communication along the supply chain’. A notable trend observed in 2023 was the increased interest and inquiries regarding restrictions, including queries about new restrictions entering into force and proposed restrictions of broad scope and high interest.

Although the number of CLP inquiries decreased across all helpdesks, questions related to Annex VIII of CLP and PCN duties continued to require assistance, both from regulatory and technical perspectives.

The topics of ‘Classification and labelling of mixtures’ and ‘General questions on CLP’ have remained consistent compared to last year. The complexity involved in classifying and labelling mixtures, as well as the broad scope of general inquiries, account for their continued presence in the top five topics for several years.


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