Are You Finding it Difficult to Manage the Rising Cost of GHS Compliance Software?

GHS Compliance Software

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If you are finding it difficult to manage the rising cost of GHS compliance software, you may need to rethink your options, and that’s where Hibiscus can help.

If you use specialist software for the classification and labelling of hazardous substances or the production and management of safety data sheets, the solution you choose is vital, but it can also be very expensive — especially when paying annual licence fees.

How can hibiscus help?

To be compliant with regulatory requirements, companies must provide accurate and detailed data about the chemical products that they manage. Hibiscus can help you define your regulatory requirements and advise the best software strategy to reduce the escalating costs associated with compliance.

Managing ongoing chemical compliance can be very complex, and requires effective regulatory label and document control. Hibiscus offers powerful and affordable solutions to ensure that your labels and safety data sheets always comply with the local, regional, and global chemical regulations such as GHS, CLP and REACH.

Hibiscus has specifically developed flexible, affordable software modules to enable regulatory compliance with chemical classification, labelling and documentation. Our industry-specific solutions save time, increase efficiency and reduce costs: our software is sold on a one-off payment basis, with no annual subscription fees or licences. When you buy our software it’s yours – forever.

Effective solutions

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How quickly and economically can you create compliant labels and safety data sheets for product development, production and transportation? With market globalisation and a dramatic increase in regulatory obligations, tracking international chemical regulatory guidelines and providing accurate and compliant hazard communication has never been more important—or more complicated. Failure to understand and apply the most up to date hazard communication requirements can expose companies to risks including fines, delays and lost revenue.

Hibiscus provides successful and proven solutions for the classification and labelling of chemicals and the authoring, management and distribution of Safety Data Sheets. Our highly advanced, yet user-friendly, software systems have been specifically developed to cover all aspects of the supply and transportation of dangerous substances in compliance with European Legislation such as REACH, GHS and CLP regulations.

Our three major software packages are: Harmoneus, Prometheus and Enterprise. Harmoneus is designed to advise on the international classification and labelling requirements for chemical products and recommends Safety Data Sheet contents to comply with several different legislations; Prometheus enables you to produce and manage your own Safety Data Sheets, which are needed whenever chemicals are supplied to be used in the workplace; and Label Enterprise is a one-stop shop for producing high-quality, hazard warning labels for carriage, supply, janitorial and many other functions.

The modular design of our software enables you to be flexible: each software unit is designed to be used independently, as a stand-alone product, or integrated with the other two modules to create the perfect solution for your labelling and safety data sheet requirements — without the need for dual entry of data.

With the Hibiscus suite of software, you can ensure that your compliance processes are flexible, fully compliant, and very cost-effective.

Speak to us today, if you are reconsidering your options, or would like to receive more detailed information from our experts – we will be glad to help you.

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