GHS Software – Are your chemical labels GHS compliant?

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Are your chemical labels compliant with the Globally Harmonized System? Keeping your organisation in compliance is no small task, but Hibiscus is able to offer specifically designed GHS software to help you get the job done.

What is GHS?

The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is a single internationally agreed system of chemical classification and hazard communication through labelling and Safety Data Sheets.

Label Enterprise, GHS Software

Label Enterprise software produces GHS compliant labels that are perfect for challenging conditions and tough work environments. With Enterprise you can simply print your artwork directly from your printer and stick to the relevant containers.

  • Labels are waterproof, and resistant to chemicals, abrasion, UV, tearing and extreme temperatures
  • Stick to plastic, metal, painted surfaces, fibre, polycarbonate, glass and more
  • Produce multiple size labels for containers such as drums, IBCs, bottles etc.
  • BS5609 Sec. 2 certified – waterproof label remains adhered for at least 90 days in seawater
  • BS5609 Sec. 3 certified with specific printers

GHS label software challenges

Ensuring that your product labels comply with GHS regulations is far easier when using the correct GHS software for labelling.

GHS labels have some very specific challenges and Label Enterprise helps you overcome these in simple and effective ways. To create fully compliant GHS labels, you need a GHS labelling software package that can take you beyond meeting basic template demands.

Besides designing all required label elements, you need to ensure:

  • Users will always print the right data.
  • Controlled access to label design templates.
  • Easy long-term maintenance of label templates.
  • Information on labels and safety data sheets is alligned.

A flexible solution

Hibiscus offers GHS labelling software solutions that help you create labels to accurately identify chemicals and keep you compliant with GHS regulations.

  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use
  • No output or usage restrictions
  • Compliance in relevant languages
  • Designed to work with any standard Windows-compatible printer
  • Customisable database
  • SDS integration
  • Complete control of the appearance of your labels
  • Deals with space constraints and minimum label and pictogram sizes
  • Design your labels with the required elements for your products

Hibiscus GHS label software includes all required design and security features and for the last 35 years, Hibiscus has helped many large global enterprises, in various industries, reduce the complexity of their labelling requirements. Our track record, industry knowledge and best practices ensure that our software solutions help you achieve quality and performance, while reducing costs.

See our Label Enterprise page for details and book a demonstration today.

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