Hibiscus Plc Celebrates 30 Years with a Day at the Races!

Hibiscus plc celebrates 30 years

The sun shone on Hibiscus Plc at their 30th anniversary celebrations Ladies’ Day at Wetherby Races in May.

Over 40 Hibiscus colleagues, clients and suppliers gathered at the Yorkshire racecourse to toast the occasion with champagne, discuss the chemical industry and have a flutter on the horses.

Hibiscus Plc celebrates 30 years

The party enjoyed a corporate box with a dedicated bookmaker, attentive waiting staff and a delicious buffet. There was a fabulous atmosphere as everyone remembered the last 30 years and the journey Hibiscus has been on in that time.

Betting-wise, it was a day of mixed fortunes for the Killerby family with James setting the tone when he backed a horse that was withdrawn just before the start of the first race. However, luck was on their side in the end with both Brian and James coming away with a victory from the last race.

James said: “We really enjoyed the day – thanks so much to everyone who came for making it so special for us. Let’s hope the next 30 years is just as successful as the first 30 years have been.”

The event celebrated the 30th anniversary of Brian, Dorothy, Irvin and Betty Killerby launching the label printing firm in Brian’s back bedroom in York. In that time, the business has grown to 32 employees in a new purpose-built site in Leeds.

A great company to deal with

What some of our valued clients had to say about their experiences with Hibiscus:

“Everyone was buzzing with their experiences of working Hibiscus Plc over the last 30 years.”

“Hibiscus labels actually work as a label and never let you down by falling off like others I have tried. They have excellent quality control of their materials – the colours never fade which is essential in our industry and the background is opaque enough that nothing shows through. As for service – if something needs sorting, they always come and sort it straight-away.”

“The product we were supplied with was bang on what we needed and the after care service could not have been better. Hibiscus has fulfilled our needs and saved us money.”

“The customer service at Hibiscus is second to none – the staff couldn’t be more helpful.”

“Hibiscus Plc is a great company to deal with and they are always there when we need them. They were very supportive through the GHS changeover. The sales staff are friendly, the delivery is always fast and the artwork comes back quickly. When we need labels urgently and at short notice, they go all out for us.”

“Everyone I deal with at Hibiscus is friendly, efficient and helpful. We work with them because of their excellent service and because they share the same values as we do.”