shipping notes dangerous goods notesIf you’re planning on transporting chemicals or hazardous goods, you’ll need to have the correct shipping notes and dangerous goods notes in order to be compliant.

When any type of goods are transported, whether they are hazardous or non-hazardous, the consignment must be accompanied by a document that contains information about their nature and properties. Transport documentation provides specific handling instructions and hazard warnings about the contents of a consignment to carriers, receiving authorities or forwarders.

Different transport mode regulations: IATA (Air), IMDG (Sea) and ADR (Road) all require a dangerous goods transport document to accompany goods when they are being transported. Under IMDG and ADR the same multi-modal transport document may be used, as this can be in any format, provided it contains all of the information required by the provisions of the relevant Codes. However, for shipments by air, IATA has specified its own document format and this is the only type that must be used.


Hibiscus Plc is licensed to supply the transport documentation you might require, including:

  • Dangerous Goods Notes (DGNs) otherwise known as Dangerous Goods Declaration forms – documents giving details about the contents of a consignment containing hazardous goods in transit (for the receiving authority)
  • An International Air Transport Association (IATA) form – for when dangerous goods are transported by air
  • A Standard Shipping Note (SSN) – a document to accompany deliveries of non-hazardous goods

As a licensed supplier of documentation for use in the transportation of dangerous goods, we stock a full range of Dangerous Goods Notes, Standard Shipping Notes and IATA Shippers Declaration documents. Our documentation can be supplied as Single Sheets for use in laser printers, or Four Part Tipped carbonated sets for manual completion. We can also supply copies suitable for sprocket fed printers.

All of the documentation we supply is suitable to be filled in either by hand or laser printer. We also supply sheets for sprocked fed printers.

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