Have you ever found that your hazard warning diamonds fade over time? At Hibiscus, we are known for the quality of our labels which are produced to the highest specification.

We spend time finding out what the labels will be exposed to during their lifecycle and make sure they are fit for purpose.

We are always up-to-speed with the latest changes in legislation so you can be sure that any danger symbols or warning diamonds will keep your business compliant.

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hazard warning diamonds


If you are transporting hazardous materials on UK or EU roads, you will need a compliant Hazchem or Kemler panel on your vehicle. We can supply either pre-printed or modular systems which comply with the legislation in terms of the necessary weathering and ADR reflectivity requirements.

The Kemler panel is recommended when your goods will be travelling out of the UK and will contain a Kemler code to show what hazard your vehicle is carrying.

ADR plate adr panel hazchem image


Vehicles with tanks etc on international journeys must show the HI Number (Kemler Code) in addition to the other relevant marks and placards.

ADR Plates should be displayed at the rear and both sides, with a plain orange plate at the front. Where one substance only is carried it is permissible to display plates at front and rear only, provided the front plate also carries the HI Number and UN Number. Under ADR there is no requirement to display a telephone number.