Printing your own labels can be a convenient and cost-effective solution to chemical and hazardous goods labelling. Hibiscus Plc produce a large selection of polyethylene and paper A4 laser sheet labels which can be bought in BLANK or pre-printed GHS formats. Popular versions are available as 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 labels per A4 sheet to align with standard GHS label sizes.

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A4 laser printer labels (bespoke)

We produce bespoke laser printer sheet labels in a wide variety of formats, shapes and sizes. Labels pre-printed with logos, addresses and unique designs can save much time and effort.

Our wide range of different shapes and sizes are suitable for use across various sizes of container, allowing you to apply them to anything from a small sample bottle to an IBC.

The face film is strong yet malleable allowing a user to apply a label to a drum, hot fill it and then leave it to  cool without losing adhesion strength or print quality.

Laserprint PE labels can be used in a wide range of uncompromising applications and harsh environments. The material is BS5609 approved as a construction and in combination with our Lexmark printers will satisfy all 4 parts of the standard. The adhesive on Laserprint PE is a high coat weight, very high tack with exceptionally strong final adhesion.

Polyethylene  Laser Sheet Labels

Waterproof Polyethylene laser sheet labels are supplied in packs of 125 sheets. They are chemical and weather resistant and approved to BS5609 Part 2.

When printed using our Lexmark printers, short runs of labels can be produced that are unique, cost effective and fully compliant with BS5609 Part 3. Although only self adhesive labels requiring IMDG specification must be BS5609 approved, the standard is used widely as an indicator of a very robust label and it is good practice to use BS5609 approved label substrates for hazardous chemicals and for labels that are likely to be used in particularly harsh conditions and environments.

Paper Laser Sheet Labels 

Our paper laser sheet labels are supplied in either packs of 250 sheets or boxes of 500 sheets. Paper labels are a very cost effective way of printing your own address labels & product labels but are not suitable for harsh environments or labels that need to comply with BS5609.


lexmark with GHS labels for chemicals

Hibiscus manufacture A4 laser printer labels that are suitable for use with almost any A4 laser printer and all sheets are fully compatible with our Hibiscus software packages to provide an easy and cost-effective way to print your own fully compliant labels.

Our Laserprint PE sheets work well in-tandem with our Lexmark printers, allowing fast and durable printing. We also offer 7 year warranties and exclusive Lexmark Managed Print Services to help you meet the challenges of Chemical Labelling to BS5609 Standards.

We also supply overlaminate patches for extra durability.  Contact us on: 0113 203 1942 for FREE laser sheet and overlaminate patch samples.

BUY A4 laser printer labels directly online at Stock-Xpress

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