If you regularly use labels for the storage and transportation of chemicals and dangerous goods, printing your own labels could well be the most efficient solution. We can provide LED, laser printer and thermal printer options, as well as the new OKI Pro1040 label printer.

Hibiscus are an approved OKI Partner with over 40 years experience in label printing. We have the advantage of an in-house label manufacturing and production facility and are able to supply the very best quality label materials to satisfy all our customers’ labelling requirements.

We can give you guidance about which printers and consumables are the most appropriate for your business, and we’re always on hand to set up your equipment and keep everything working in the way that you need it to.

Get in touch for samples and cost-per-print information – we have a fully trained sales and support team who will be able to answer your questions.

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The OKI ES range of colour LED printers, as supplied by Hibiscus PLC, have been specially calibrated to give the best possible performance in Hazardous Labelling applications.

Durable and compact, these printers provide an ideal solution for colour labelling to GHS/CLP standards.

Four individual colour toner cartridges provide maximum efficiency on toner usage, whilst low cost Black consumables provide cheap and cost effective mono printing for those applications where colour is unimportant.

The Oki ES Series of LED printers, when combined with the Hibiscus suite of software products and laser sheet materials, gives complete autonomy and flexibility. This method of print allows the user the ability to generate high quality chemical labels, complete with appropriate hazard information and corporate branding, fully compliant to all parts of BS:5609.

This solution is best suited to companies that have a large number of products and ship in varying quantities. The upfront cost here is considerably less, but the consumable costs are more than with a thermal printer, as you are fundamentally printing 4 colours rather than 1 or 2.

All Oki ES Series LED printers are capable of printing up to 1500mm long, allowing you to easily print extended combination labels, and we supply the range of ES printers in both A4 (ES7412) and A3 (ES8433).

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oki es7412 printer

oki pro1040 label printer
oki pro1040 label printer



Hibiscus, an approved OKI UK Dealer, offers the latest revolution in in-house chemical label printing. 

On demand, professional, four-colour narrow-format label printing is now possible in-house on a wide range of label media, taking creativity and flexibility to a new level.

Introducing the OKI Pro1040 Label Printer

If you need an in-house printer for on-demand chemical label printing, that is easy to set-up and requires minimal training to use, then we have the perfect solution.

Brand new to the market, the OKI Pro1040 offers high quality, durable, full-colour labelling with the ability to print on a wide range of different materials. The Pro1040 is ideal for producing chemical and water resistant labels that offer protection against UV fading, making it suitable for use in the chemical sector and associated, similar, industries such as pharmaceutical, janitorial, agricultural and hazardous waste.

  • Industries first true LED printer designed to specifically print labels
  • Easy to set up, minimal training
  • Create your print station – optimise your time – improve your workflow
  • Print durable, waterproof labels resistant to chemicals and UV fading
  • Ideal for chemical product labels and GHS/CLP labels
  • On demand printing of rolls of different media including paper and plastics
  • Labels can be printed and cut to produce a roll of labels
  • Print creative label designs in the exact quantity you need

Produce labels that are robust, waterproof and chemical/UV resistant

The Pro1040 Label Printer offers a new roll-to-roll, narrow print format and, when used in conjunction with Hibiscus materials, can produce full-colour chemical, and UV fade-resistant, labels that have been tested to survive underwater for the duration of the BS5609-mandated period.

The Pro1040’s superb media handling capability makes it ideal for industrial labelling and asset tracking and is specially calibrated to give the best possible performance in hazardous labelling applications.

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THe afinia L502 Industrial label printer

This Afinia L502 Industrial Label Printer, with Duo Ink Technology, is the next evolution in chemical label printing.  Designed to use both pigment and dye inks to create waterproof and highly vibrant labels – the L502 offers a quick transition from ultra vibrant and colourful prints, to ultra-durable and waterproof labels with a simple print-head swap.

Its all-steel industrial design, improved toolbox functionality, improved print time, and optional durable pigment inks make the L502 extremely rugged and versatile. The L502 produces vibrant and colourful prime labels with dye-based inks, and exceptional water, abrasion, and UV resistance with pigment inks.

The L502’s pigment inks have been tested and certified to produce BS 5609-compliant and GHS (Globally Harmonised System) labels, which helps keep chemical manufacturers in compliance with packaging and transportation requirements.

Whether you need waterproof, durable labels or something eye-catching for the retail shelf, the L502 is our most versatile printer ever. Plus, it has a separate CMYK ink cartridges that contribute to a lower cost per label, since only colours that are empty need to be replaced.

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afinia L502 label printer



Ideal for pre-printed labels, thermal printers are robust, easily maintained and reliable. This means they are perfectly suited to an industrial environment, requiring little in the way of ongoing maintenance.

Recommended for pre-printed labels, most notably where you have few variations in the number of warning diamonds you require as you would need a separate base stock for each. A thermal printer prints in 1 or, at most, 2 colours, this means that either you have pre-printed backgrounds displaying your corporate branding, or you are happy with a largely monochrome label.

Despite having a higher upfront cost than an Oki ES series printer, it does have a far lower ongoing cost. The consumables and labels required for this type of printer are significantly less expensive than those of an Oki ES Series printer. Thermal printers also allow for a high print speed, economical consumable use and fantastic print quality.

We supply a full range of TEC, Citizen, Datamax and Zebra printers to fit in with the requirements and processes of our customers. To complement this we have a range of ribbons which have all been tested to the appropriate sections of BS:5609 to give compliant variable information.

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