Significant Changes & Amendments to 60TH Edition (2019) of IATA DGR, Now Available


IATA (International Air Transport Association) has released the summary of significant changes to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) that will appear in the upcoming 60th Edition, effective in January 2019.

This useful summary appears in the “Introduction” section of the IATA DGR and allows users to check for items that may affect their procedures that have changed since the previous edition.

Changes to Marking & Labelling

  • A note added to draw attention to the correct application of GHS pictograms on packages.
  • The specification for hazard labels has been revised to remove the requirement for the outside line to be a minimum of 2 mm in thickness.
  • Clarification added that the new Class 9 lithium battery hazard label must not have any text in the bottom half other than the class number “9”.
  • Lithium battery handling label—The provisions that previously existed in and Figure 7.4.H have been deleted as the lithium battery handling label is no longer valid in air transport.

See the full changes here.

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