Please note that most software updates will require a passkey. Passkeys are supplied free-of-charge to all current support contract holders and can be obtained by calling the IT department on 0113 2031950.

*** LATEST *** ADR2017 now available – See Database section


Example Templates


FOR INSTALLING ON A NEW COMPUTER ONLY (requires Registered Name and Passkey)
For updates to existing installations, see next section.

LATEST RELEASE – 1.4.06 (Rev 1776)
Full versions of our client and server softwares.
Allows Keyboard adjustments in designer for granular design.


For new installations, see section above.

Server Updates must be installed on the computer acting as the Hibsoft Label Enterprise database server ONLY. Ensure the software is not in use (including logging off all clients) before installing the update.
Client Updates must be installed on all computers connecting to the Hibsoft Label Enterprise database (not required on server).

Cumulative Updates include all features covered in all updates back to and including the update version indicated – ie. you may omit the prior updates back to and including the indicated update version.
Break Points indicate where features of previous updates cease to be included in the current update, therefore it is recommended to ensure that you have installed the last cumulative update before a break point prior to proceeding beyond a break point.

Critical Updates are mandatory as failure to install may affect software functionality and/or may cause problems on future updates. 
Non-Critical Updates are optional but add features that certain users may find desireable.

To Download Right-click on the link then choose ‘Save Link as’ or ‘Save Target as’ (depending on your web browser).

Server Update
Client Update
Release Notes

Optional update 1.4.06
(Critical if current ver less than 1.3.00)
(Rev 1749)

Edit template/substance from print program.

The following updates are deleted as they are included in the later version above.

  • 1.4.05 (Rev 1732) Edit temp subs from print.
  • 1.4.04 (Rev 1723) Multi-edit language phrases.
  • 1.4.03 (Rev 1645) Colour text background/version checking.
  • 1.4.02 (Rev 1628) Secure against ‘heartbleed’ intrusion.
  • 1.4.00 (Rev 1562) Advance release of bi-directional text.
  • 1.3.01 (Rev 1345) Adds additional functionality to the template designer program.
  • 1.3.00 (Rev 1345) Update to MS Visual Studio 10 standards (for future compatibility with new Windows versions).
  • 1.2.03 (Rev 1342) Designer program defaults to lowest printing layer on open of templates (helps avoid accidentally placing new fields on a non-printing layer when developing smart templates).
  • 1.2.02 (Rev 1340) Corrects print orientation bug in designer program.


Server Update
Client Update
Release Notes

Optional update 1.2.01
(Rev 1329)
Cumulative from 1.08

Adds post substance and post template event.
NB: Server update not required if server install is at least 1.1.07 (Rev 1260) – run client update on server.
NB: It is highly recommended that you upgrade to Firebird 2.5 with this update (see seperate installer).

Server Update
Client Update
Release Notes
Optional update 1.1.09
(Rev 1303)

Cumulative from 1.08

Adds Access Control functionality to Template Designer.
NB: Server update not required if server install is at least 1.1.07 (Rev 1260) – run client update on server.

The following updates are deleted as they are included in the later version above

  • 1.1.08 (Rev 1280) Various, minor enhancements including colour borders, support for data source access control.
  • 1.1.07 (Rev 1260) Adds print sheet functions, corrected D2E symbol, option to import updated CLP phrases.
  • 1.1.06 (n/a) Skipped.
  • 1.1.05 (Rev 1223) Adds printer control utilities.
  • 1.1.04 (Rev 1207) Allows rotation of barcodes. Cures scrolling bug on substance look-up.
  • 1.1.03 (Rev 1165) Addresses stability issues in designer.
  • 1.1.02 (Rev 1150) Adds depot code functionality – stored addresses.
  • 1.1.01 (Rev 1127) This update adds an audit trail function to the software and optional clear substance on change of template.
  • 1.09 (Rev 990) Fixes a minor bug which may cause phrases to duplicate.
  • 1.08 (Rev 985) Adds a function to rename label templates.


Server Update
Client Update
Critical update 1.07
(Rev 964)

Cumulative from 1.05

a) Cures a bug calculating dates in scripted fields and makes some performance enhancements to the DB layout.
b) Adds a new function-text event – onendprinting (procedureto execute after a label has printed).

The following updates are deleted as they are included in the later version above

    • 1.06 (Rev 875) Cures a bug limiting the number of labels that can be sent to print in one run.
    • 1.05 (Rev 821) Repairs some minor defects in the designer program, extends the list of available languages, and upgrades the scripting language.

Server Update
DLL Update
SDSPro v3.5 Re-link
Cumulative from 1.05

This utility will re-establish the link to SDS Professional broken by your SDS Professional 3.5 update. Ensure all remote users are logged out of the software before applying this patch.


Phrases Update
Release Notes
(EU) No 487/2013

This update will apply changes published in COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 487/2013 to the H and P phrase lists in all EU languages applicable to the user installation.
We strongly recommend reading the accompanying release notes before applying this update..

This update will add the entire 2017 ADR list (labelling for transport) as a separate section in your database. NB: Previous ADR, if present, will not be removed – contact Hibiscus PLC for removal instructions if required.

These updates apply to customers who chose to include the optional CLP list of Classified substances in their copy of the software and will apply corrections/amendments to that labelling data as advised in the documents EU Commission Regulations indicated above (newest first).
WARNING – All H phrases on affected substance records will be reset to those specified in the applicable Commission Regulation. User added and/or amended H phrases will be removed or reset to the unmodified originals.

GHS Updates
(zipped file)

P and H Phrase Updates

Latest approved versions of P and H phrases (up to/including EU 2016/918). Updates all installed languages.

NB: All of the above are free of charge to all users holding software support contracts and are supplied as is, i.e. without any warranty or assurance. These updates are designed to save user input and although they have been compiled with the greatest care should be carefully checked by the user before first use.
Please contact Hibiscus PLC IT Support for installation instructions.

Firebird v2.5 Update

Firebird database engine.
Upgrade Firebird Database Engine from version 2.0 to 2.5

Backup Utility

Free utility for backing and/or restoring your Label Enterprise Database (also works for HibSoft Prometheus).


A page containing some example templates performing some commonly required advanced functions – ie. validated input, calculated expiry date, user based address and logo – and lots more!.


Backup and Restore Scripts
The latest scripts for backing up and restoring your LabelEnterPrise database.



Barcode Modules
Add the ability to print barcodes in various formats on your labels.
Chargeable Modules – Please contact Hibiscus PLC for pricing.

Extra Languages

Language Modules
Add additional languages to your installation (languages listed here do not currently represent full list of languages available – please contact Hibiscus PLC for more information).
Chargeable Modules – Please contact Hibiscus PLC for pricing.

SDS Modules
Add the ability to link to compatible SDS systems.
Chargeable Modules – Please contact Hibiscus PLC for pricing.

External Images
Conversion tool that allows you to convert externally stored colour images into a format that can be pulled into your labels.
Free Module

Database Replication
Replicate Database Between Sites Using Dropbox or FTP
A set of scripts and instructions to transfer a copy of your database to another site on demand or at regular intervals using a Dropbox account or through FTP via the Hibiscus website (incorporates ‘sendEmail’ – a GNU licenced software utility – please see developer website,, for full licencing details).
Free Module

Flags Module
Flags Module
Flag Icons for All EU Languages
EU flags to print on labels to identify language translations
Free Module


Firebird Database query/update Utility
Useful utility for interrogating Firebird databases – WARNING: For IT professionals only. Hibiscus PLC accept no responsibility for damage to your data resulting from improper use.
– Developer Website:


Quick summary guides on operating the software.

Full manuals on operating the software (included in standard installs)