Calc OKI Consumeables Cost

You can use the table below to automatically calculate the approximate anticipated consumable and running costs when printing labels with an OKI ES range colour printer.

Please Note:

  • 1. Figures are approximates only. Actual coverage will vary according to the exact contents of each label. EP/Fuser/Belt and maintenance costs are based on average operational lifetimes which may vary according to usage and care.
  • 2. Elements highlighted in Red are not included in results of current calculation due to lack of data.
  • To use this calculator, enter yeild and cost figures for your printer (or click the relevant button to load stored figures for either of the printers offered) then enter estimated coverage percentages (or, for a rough estimate, click the button to load data from one of our samples). When making manual changes, click [Calc Costs] to re-calculate.

OKI Printing Cost Calculator

Black Toner
Cyan Toner
Magenta Toner
Yellow Toner
Black EP
Colour EP
Ann. Maint
Labels pPage/cost(units/pence)
Est. Sheets Job/Year(for maint cost)
Costs/Label (Pence)Toner CostEP/Fuser/Belt
Print CostLabel CostMaint CostTOTAL COST

Click the associated button to load data from one of our samples.

Sample 1 (A4)

Sample 2 (A4)

Sample 3 (A4)

Sample 4 (A4)

Sample 5 (450×150)