The New OKI Pro1040 Printer – Print Your Own GHS Product Labels, In-House and On-Demand

Hibiscus, an approved OKI UK Dealer, offers the latest revolution in in-house chemical label printing.

On demand, professional, four-colour narrow-format label printing is now possible in-house on a wide range of label media, taking creativity and flexibility to a new level.

Introducing the OKI Pro1040 Label Printer

Brand new to the market, the Pro1040 Label Printer, offers a new roll-to-roll, narrow print format, ideal for a wide range of applications.

When used in conjunction with Hibiscus materials, the Pro1040 can produce UV fade-resistant, waterproof chemical labels that have been tested to survive underwater for the duration of the BS5609-mandated period.

Ideal for industrial chemical labelling

The Pro1040 provides high quality, in-house printing and is specially calibrated to give the best possible performance in Hazardous Labelling applications.

Set up a new job in minutes and print any quantity from a single label to many thousands – reduce waste and print only what you need.

The Pro 1040 Label Printer requires minimal training, has flexible configuration and offers internal printing capability across a wide range of tasks.  Print on coated and uncoated paper or synthetic media, and use just one printer for multiple jobs.

Produce Labels that are robust, waterproof and Chemical/UV resistant

The Pro1040 is ideal for producing chemical and water resistant labels that offer protection against UV fading, making it suitable for use in the chemical sector and associated, similar, industries such as pharmaceutical, janitorial, agricultural and hazardous waste.

  • Industries first true LED printer designed to specifically print labels
  • Easy to set up, minimal training
  • Create your print station – optimise your time – improve your workflow
  • Print durable, waterproof labels resistant to chemicals and UV fading
  • Ideal for chemical product labels and GHS/CLP labels
  • On demand printing of rolls of different media including paper and plastics
  • Labels can be printed and cut to produce a roll of labels
  • Print creative label designs in the exact quantity you need

How Can Hibiscus Help?

If you need an in-house printer for on-demand chemical label printing, that is easy to set-up and requires minimal training to use, then we have the perfect solution. Hibiscus provide the highest quality label blanks in sheet and roll formats and we maintain a well-tested range of substrates to help you configure the perfect combination of media, inks and hardware to fit your particular needs.

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